[Intentions of the Taliban]

By Stephen Park

What is it that motivates the Taliban into driving them to achieve their goals? The Taliban is a group who aim to turn Afghanistan into a country ruled by Islamic law. People die from the persecution of the Taliban on a daily basis. As of now, there is no longer a leader who represents the entire group of the Taliban. It is scattered in groups all over Afghanistan. The Taliban, once considered the supposed saviors of the Afghans, are corrupted with power and strive to take over all of Afghanistan.

The Taliban’s aim is to disarm Afghanistan and turn it into a warzone that is ruled by Islamic law. It expresses its ways with offensive tactics such as civilian massacres, terrorist bombings, evictions, and torture. Although they are struggling to have Afghanistan ruled by Islamic teachings, its methods are the best ways to express it. It is understandable that the Taliban wishes to control Afghanistan by the usage of Islamic teachings; however, it does not know any methods that can make Afghanistan for both the Taliban and people.

As a result of the Taliban’s methods, some good tidings were present. They succeeded in bringing down other warring groups that were in Afghanistan.  They had achieved their true goal, which was to put an end to the lawlessness of Afghanistan and unite it under one political and military ruling body. They still hadn’t forgotten their original duty to protect their home.


The Taliban, once saviors to the Afghans, are corrupted with power and strive to take over all of Afghanistan. It is trying to make Afghanistan be ruled by Islamic teachings and lack experience to do it. They completed their original duty, which was to unite Afghanistan under one political body. Yet they still live on and are doing the exact opposite of their goals.

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